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Saying the Right Thing When You Don’t Know What To Say…

Ever wish that someone would just tell you the words and the behaviors that would effectively help you to comfort and support someone in emotional need?
If only there were Steps you could follow to help you navigate difficult conversations?
Is it true that there are Do’s and Don’ts about talking to someone in pain?


Saying the Right Thing When You Don’t Know What To Say

The Online Course

We are all human and all humans want to feel seen, heard and understood.
This course an honest look at the do’s and don’ts of supportive, comforting behavior.

If you want to be a better communicator and you want to improve your skills at sharing your humanity and not just your database…this course is for you!

In this course, Paula will teach you:

You will become proficient at the 5 Steps of Helpful, Effective Communication.
You will explore the blocks to compassionate communication and learn the simple processes to clear those blocks.
Povides you with a clear understanding of the words, behaviors, and mindset that are necessary to allow a wounded person express their pain, process their feelings and heal the devastation, fear, and confusion they are experiencing.
You will learn how to create a soothing, nurturing environment, which allows people to communicate authentically.
You will learn specific words and behaviors that have been proven to enable a truly positive, supportive experience.
You will improve your ability to tune in and communicate with others in any circumstance, whether it be business, friendship or family.

Course Outline

Week 1, Sept. 15th: The Problem Beneath the Problem
In an interactive format, we will get to the bottom of the cultural, societal, personal and genetic contributors that block us and make us ineffective communicators. We will then use powerful mind/body processes to eliminate these problematic blocks, freeing us to attain more effective levels of communication.
Week 2, Sept. 22nd: What Are We Scared Of?
Fragile, hurting people scare us…we don’t want to break them and they remind us that at any moment our worlds could turn upside down. We will explore the life experiences that made us shut down, become cautious or even unable to speak honestly and clearly. We will load, into our tool belts, strategies to make even difficult conversations, productive and meaningful.
Week 3, Sept. 29th: Five Steps of Successful & Supportive Conversations
Through practice and understanding we will develop proficiency with each of the 5 Steps so we can confidently implement helpful, supportive conversations.
Week 4, February 6th: Let’s Hold Hands & Cross Together
What if you are the person in pain? How do you respond to the ‘Well Meaning People’ who say inane, hurtful things out of their lack of knowledge, discomfort and fear? In this session you will receive concrete statements and responses to help you get through your “season of pain.” You will also learn how to give ongoing support to those in need, while still taking care of yourself.
Week 5, Oct 6th: Follow Your Heart… It Knows the Way!
We will review, and practice, the skills and tools we have learned. We will also devote time to addressing individual circumstances and to masterminding strategies to insure that we all have confident command of, Saying the Right Thing.

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Saying the Right Thing When You Don’t Know What To Say

The Online Course

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